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I'm poly, queer, rabidly pro-Palestinian, punk, a writer, and kind of a sketchy vagabond. I'm usually angry.

Current city: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Current job: hostel management
Last city: Bergen, Norway
Last job: hostel reception in Ramallah, Palestine

This blog: history, politics, art, music, travel, literature, whatever really.

Feel free to ask me questions about cheap/free travel! There is not enough info about it out there, esp. for women.

THIS BLOG WILL NEVER BE NSFW. If yours is, please tag nsfw posts. It may seem silly but please do it anyways.




Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me

excuse me we all love this shit cmon


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Lib Dem MP David Ward facing disciplinary action for Gaza tweets →

A remarkably courageous tweet from a member of a party that has become synonymous with “wishy washy.” 

AU where Hogwarts is a school for left revolutionaries


and Griffindor is anarchist, Ravenclaw communist, and Hufflepuff socialist. Slytherin is Anonymous?

It’s perfect because Slytherin and Gryffindor are really similar but hate each other and insist they’re polar opposites.

Took these pictures of bats in Victoria Park yesterday. Go on, tell me Colombo’s an ugly city.

50 Israeli Reservists Refuse To Serve in Gaza War →


"Why should some people walk barefoot, so that others can travel in luxurious cars? Why should some live for thirty-five years, so that others can live for seventy years? Why should some be miserably poor, so that others can be hugely rich? I speak on behalf of the children in the world who do not have a piece of bread. I speak on the behalf of the sick who have no medicine, of those whose rights to life and human dignity have been denied."

— Fidel Castro’s message to the UN General Assembly, 1979

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If you ever get frustrated with your writing, just remember that Tolkien once described Feanor as
“wounded with many wounds”

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Above: Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ Violin Concertos performed by Jean-Jacques  Kantorow and l’Orchestre de Chambre Bernard Thomas (The Bernard Thomas Chamber Orchestra)

Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (who was often referred to as “The Black Mozart”) was born in Guadeloupe, in 1745. His father was George Bologne de Saint-Georges (a wealthy planter) and his mother, one of Saint-Georges’ slaves, was called Nanon.

During the French Revolution, he was colonel of the Legion St. George, the first all-black regiment in Europe. However, today he is mainly remembered as the first classical composer of African descent. 

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